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Digital Forensics

Our team has conducted a large number of high-profile matters in civil and criminal proceedings, incident response investigations, including analysis of advanced malware engineered by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers. Our digital forensics lab and client-centric team offer a tailored solution for your digital forensic investigation requirements.

Our digital forensics experts have played a key role in a wide range of criminal cases involving a digital element, including organized cybercrime, online money laundering schemes, cyberstalking, data breach litigation, digital extortion, ransomware hacking incidents, DDoS attacks and more.

Thorough malware analysis is vital when investigating complex attacks. Our analysts examine vast amounts of real malware samples daily and hold the internationally recognized GIAC certification in Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis. We regularly share threat research on the activities of infamous hacker teams, which is based on the findings of the malware analysis team.